Maven, The Story

Maven broke the mold when they introduced their high performance optics into the market in 2014 at almost half the cost of their competitors. 

Most companies use a traditional retail model of selling their product, which means the product gets marked up by 50% at the retail shop.  This allows Maven more flexibility during production to innovate & produce a higher quality product. Maven are not limited to lesser grade materials in order to cut cost to hit a retail price point. This non-restrictive development allows them to partner with the best manufacturers in the world and to work with the best ingredients.

What does that mean for you? That means they can produce a world class, superior product, but at a much more affordable price.   

Don’t make the mistake of comparing Maven products with similarly priced optics. And don’t fall into the psychological trap that paying more equates to a better product – let your eyes be the true test.

Outdoor Sports is your authorised Maven distributor for Australia & New Zealand